Welcome!👋 Please Read This First

Thank you for being here. I'm currently updating my website and you're seeing the beginning of my new blog. Let me quickly introduce you to what I have in mind.

Welcome!👋 Please Read This First

You are visiting at an interesting time: I'm currently extending my personal website to become a fully featured blog. This update is still on its way and I'm continually adding new content every week.

My Blog's Vision

I mainly write for myself as I enjoy doing it to gain clarity, document know-how, and also share what I've learned with like-minded people. Here's what I have in mind for this blog's content:

  • Share tips and insights from what I've learned as a startup founder and CEO
  • Share what I learn in my MBA (MSc BA in Innovation Management)
  • Share insights on my personal reflection, mindset, and evolution
  • Share skills in product design, software development, and (Swiss) company management
  • Share summaries and reviews of the books I've read on the above topics

Who's It For

If you're running a startup or small company or thinking of doing so, my content should help you. If you're developing, designing, or selling your own (software) product, my content should help you. If you want to get better at being productive, healthy, and happy, my content could probably help you too.

All of this is still in the making, so if any of that sounds interesting to you, I recommend signing up for my email list so that you'll be the first to know as soon as new content arrives.

What's also important to me: I don't want any of this to only be uni-directional. I want to be challenged and learn too! So if you see things differently, have something to add, or have questions: Please let me know!